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Tourmalinated Quartz Point

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About Tourmalinated Quartz 

"Stone of harmony"

The unbelieivable power of this beautiful crystal will surround you and shield you from all negativity. It will make you feel secure, daring and physically powerful and provide mental fortitude while giving you a new positive perspective free from fear, judgement and anger.

Quartz crystals are natural transmitters and containers of the Universal Life Force.  As they grow within the earth, they often gather inclusions of other minerals like these amazing pieces.

These beautifully patterned points are lovely placed in a window or the entrance of any place you would like to bring protection, positivity and harmony.

CHAKRAS: Third Eye

* Protection 

* Focus

* Harmony

* Positivity

* Clarity

Product Features 

Price is for 1 point

Points are 4.5 to 5cm high 

The points in the photograph are for illustration purposes only, this is not the exact crystal you will receive  but be assured you will receive a very similar crystal which has been intuitively chosen just for you and will come cleansed, charged and ready to use.

Things to know

Stones and crystals are natural materials each beautiful and unique in pattern and  composure; therefore no two crystals will ever be the same. Please be aware that as natural objects their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Please expect to find inclusions and beautiful markings within the crystal and variations in the stones. Please be aware that some of our products are hand made or hand-cut so they will never be completely ‘perfect’.